Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well Mackenzie is quickly approaching her 1st birthday...only 3 more weeks to go and my little terror will be 1!!! Not to mention that our second pregnancy is flying by too! In like 3 months I'm gonna be popping out another kid...GEEZE! I never thought that it would go this fast. I mean, before I was a mom I watched my nephew get bigger and I remember saying "he's growing like a weed" but now that I have my own kids it's even worse. It's hard even now, which is scary I might add, to try and think back 6 months ago when Mackenzie didn't even walk yet...I mean, what did she do all day?! Just lay there with me I guess!
And yes, my little darling is a terror. I sometimes affectionately refer to her as my little labrador. She loves to get her hands on anything and chew it to shreds...magazines, boxes, shoelaces...anything she can get she's devour with her mouth. I mean, is this normal?! And she begs like a dog. If you are eating something she'll walk over and try to beg. If you don't acknowledge sher right away she'll grab your plate! And then if you don't give her anything she'll grawl in between your legs and nudge her way in until her head pops up! And don't get me started on discipline. I'm not one for physical discipline...but every once in a while she needs a little swat on the butt! I tell her "no" calmly. She doesn't listen. I say "no!' sternly and she still continues to do something she shouldn't. So I finally had it and put her over my knee and tapped her little bum, very weakly I might add, and said "NO!". Do you know what she did?! She laughed at me. Yeah, that's right, she laughed at me! It was cute to say the least, and I couldn't help but smirk.
I'm ready to have our second daughter. I feel like I am completely neglecting myself. I'm just so tired. I take care of the baby all day and by the time I get some "me" time or alone time with my hubby, all I want to do is sleep. I've made a plan tonight. Get home from work at 4:30, play with Mackenzie. At 6:00 put Mackenzie to bed. 6:30 is dinner time, 6:45 is a roll in the hay with DH, and 7:00 is bed time! Pretty sad. And the worst part is, I'm not even looking forward to the roll in the hay. My sex drive has been null-en-void since becoming pregnant...the 1st time!!!! So when he begs for it I either (1) complain or (2) flop on the bed like a dead fish and proclaim "hurry up!". Horrible I know.

On the scrap scene I have been slowly getting my luster back and some good things have been produced. I'm excited about the up and coming dessert swap at MLPA, as dessert is my favorite meal of the day...and I do mean "meal" of the day!

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