Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well, it's been almost a month since I've blogged. Lots has been going on. Mackenzie cut her third tooth, this time on the top. She's being a good sport about it and not fussing too much. Thanksgiving was a couple days ago. It was okay I guess, not spectacular. We had my MIL over and my BIL, SIL, and their two daughters. Dinner was good. Wesley wanted to make it this way he had control over everything! But I was happy that he did that, this way if the food sucked, I couldn't be blamed for it! Tomorrow Mackenzie, Wes, and I are leaving for my Grandmothers cabin in Tioga county. Wes wants to go hunting, so we are going along to spend time with GiGi. We are coming back sometime next week, but we are unsure of exactly when. It all depends on how quickly Wes gets a deer!

On november 24th we had our first doctor appt for baby #2. They estimated the due date of June 28th, but that's subject to change with the first ultrasound. They are more accurate, as we have no idea on what day we could have gotten pregnant! So c'mon December 9th! Other than that, nothing else to report!

Monday, October 27, 2008

HMMM...well Miss Mackenzie is sprouting her second tooth on the bottom. I just noticed it this morning when I was checking on the progress of her first tooth. For those of you who don't know...Wes and I are pregnant again! YEP! We found out on the 20th, but not officially until the 25th when the second set of blood work confirmed that me HCg levels were increasing. We are both really happy and scared at the same time. It will be really hard to have them 15-16 months apart. But I guess it's better to have them close in age so we can get it over with and they can be close when they get older.

We had trick-or-treaking yesterday. We had a really good time. Mackenzie was a cute flower. I got her costume at The children's Place. It was a little more than what a parent should spend on a first halloween costume, but whatever!!! She looked cute and was happy so that's all that matters.

Other than that, not much going on! Might take a trip down to ML for no real reason!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My first post

Well today is my first post on here so I may as well make it good. I've been keeping pretty busy with my life. Taking care of my girl and working part-time, and trying to find somewhere in between there for scrapbooking, fixing the house, and the hubby.

Yesterday the family went to Savidge farms over by where we live to go pumpkin picking. It was Mackenzie's first time, and she loved it. We picked out one giant pumpkin for the whole family. Then we got 2 smaller ones for Wes and I, and then a teeny baby pumpkin for Mackenzie. There was a sandbox there, but instead of having sand in it, it had corn kernels in it. So Mackenzie and I had fun playing in there while Wes took some pictures.

We are trying to fix up our old house one thing at a time, but it seems like the projects are at a stand still for now. A couple weeks ago the kitchen project was in full swing, but granted the only thing we are doing is replacing the wall treatments and the window treatments. Everything was going smoothly then we hit a lull and nothing has gotten done since. And I want it done NOW because I just want my kitchen back!!

I'm so happy that my sister Maryann had introduced me to the wonderful world of scrapbooking. I've made a lot of new friends, created lots of memories through craft, and kept myself out of trouble. I was trying to find a hobby that I would like and get to meet a lot of great people since I don't get to do a lot of things. And alas....I have found it. So I just wanted to say thanks to all the MLPA ladies who have welcomed me into their community and have given me inspiration!