Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good 'ol Mackenzie turns 13 months today...another month GONE! She's just growing up too fast. Last night she had a scrambled egg and a banana for dinner. I gave her a spoon so she could try to feed herself with a utensil for the very first time. She actually did pretty well at it, and didn't get herself too dirty. She used both of her hands and didn't really prefer using one over the other. But I wonder if she'll be a righty like me or a lefty like Daddy.

Last night I stayed up til 11:15...Holy God!!!! That's LATE for me, considering I'm in the sack by 9:00 most nights. But I was having fun scrapbooking. I got a couple nice layouts done and worked on an 8x8 album I'm making for my sister-in-law for her baby that's due a week before me. I go to bed right...I lay down and all of the sudden I feel a cold coming on. Stuffy nose, swollen glands, and a sore throat. Needless to say between that, hubby not getting home from work til 2:30 and not coming to bed until 3:45, then waking up to pee, then getting up at 5:30 to get ready for work....I'm bushed. Ohh, and on top of all of that Ryleigh felt the need to kick me all night. I think she was trying out for the world cup or something! Uhhh I don't know how I'm making it through the day. But it was kinda nice to be snuggled up in my hubby's arms and have him fall asleep with his hand on my belly. He layed there a good while feeling her kick before he fell asleep. So it was one of those Hallmark mushy moments where the woman is laying in bed, everyone asleep, thinking how lucky she is to have a half-decent life! BAHHH enough of this mushy crap!

On a good note for today...I was introduced to this new site called by my sister. It's a really cool scrapbooking site/blog/forum place that I'm kinda liking! So YEYYYY for that :o)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today I'm at 30 weeks pregnant...only 10 more weeks to go if I last that long! Boy has time gone by fast. Pretty soon I'm gonna have another newborn on my hands, and more sleepless nights. Mackenzie still wakes up once a night to eat. But whatever! It's not so bad...15 minutes and she's back to bed. We just got back last night from upstate NY. Wes and I own property in St. Lawrence's like 35 miles from Canada. We had a really good time, minus some bickering as always. The weather was gorgeous up there, sunny and in the 60s. We met some guy up there that's going to be clearning a lot on our property so that we can get our cabin built. We currently own 16 acres up there, and are building a cabin to stay in. Nothing fancy...just your basic place to stay for a little. My parents also own property up there, 20 acres, which is how we found out about the place. It's settled on Owl Pond...a 20 acre pond with huge bass and a variety of other fish. You'd be shocked if you pulled out any fish less than 12 inches from the pond. But we always throw them back so we can catch them later. It's just all around lots of fun. Wes is going up there in like 3 weeks to hunt turkey for a couple days. I want to go, but couldn't handle Mackenzie up there for that long!!! Rats! Ohh well, some much needed scrap time I suppose while he's away

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mackenzie's first birthday has come and gone! One whole year flew by so quickly! Her birthday was on April 3rd and her party was on the 4th. The morning got off to a rough start as the hubby and I were arguing a lot! But luckily we pulled together and with the help of my mom and sister we got everything ready on time, and early! My sister watched Mackenzie and her son while my mom helped organize! DH did all the cooking and I did the cleaning and ran out to get last minute stuff. We celebrated our sweethearts birthday with 40 family members. We didn't invite any friends, as it would have been way over-crowded with people in our house. It was crowded, but we made due. Mackenzie had a great time despite being tired. She only took a 45 minute nap in the morning and a 30 minute nap in the afternoon before presents. She usually takes at least an hour to 1 1/2 hour nap twice a day. But she was a good sport about it...didn't cry at all. She got lots of clothes, and not so many toys (which is what I wanted because she has SOOO many toys)! She loves stuffed animals and got a couple of those. She walked around with them patting and kissing them.

On another subject kinda.....We now have a middle name for our second bean sprout. Her name is going to be Ryleigh Johanna Wilcox. Her middle name is in honor of her Daddy. Wes picked it out (his real name is Johann but since birth he's gone by Wes...don't ask me, I didn't name him I just married him!!!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

FINALLY!!!! We have a name picked out for our little girl. Her name is going to be Ryleigh! We haven't decided on a middle name yet, but that's okay. I'm just so happy for her to have a name. I feel like I can bond with her more now that I have something to call her other than "it", "baby" or "little girl"!!! Wes says that he gets to pick out the middle name, but we'll just see about that! He picked out Mackenzie's middle name (Summer) and I liked it, so if he comes up with a good one, we'll keep it! If not, sorry Charlie!

Mackenzie was sick last week and the little bugger got me sick too! Just your run-of-the-mill cold. It wasn't so bad, but made for a few crazy nights. But both of us are feeling much better now!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well Mackenzie is quickly approaching her 1st birthday...only 3 more weeks to go and my little terror will be 1!!! Not to mention that our second pregnancy is flying by too! In like 3 months I'm gonna be popping out another kid...GEEZE! I never thought that it would go this fast. I mean, before I was a mom I watched my nephew get bigger and I remember saying "he's growing like a weed" but now that I have my own kids it's even worse. It's hard even now, which is scary I might add, to try and think back 6 months ago when Mackenzie didn't even walk yet...I mean, what did she do all day?! Just lay there with me I guess!
And yes, my little darling is a terror. I sometimes affectionately refer to her as my little labrador. She loves to get her hands on anything and chew it to shreds...magazines, boxes, shoelaces...anything she can get she's devour with her mouth. I mean, is this normal?! And she begs like a dog. If you are eating something she'll walk over and try to beg. If you don't acknowledge sher right away she'll grab your plate! And then if you don't give her anything she'll grawl in between your legs and nudge her way in until her head pops up! And don't get me started on discipline. I'm not one for physical discipline...but every once in a while she needs a little swat on the butt! I tell her "no" calmly. She doesn't listen. I say "no!' sternly and she still continues to do something she shouldn't. So I finally had it and put her over my knee and tapped her little bum, very weakly I might add, and said "NO!". Do you know what she did?! She laughed at me. Yeah, that's right, she laughed at me! It was cute to say the least, and I couldn't help but smirk.
I'm ready to have our second daughter. I feel like I am completely neglecting myself. I'm just so tired. I take care of the baby all day and by the time I get some "me" time or alone time with my hubby, all I want to do is sleep. I've made a plan tonight. Get home from work at 4:30, play with Mackenzie. At 6:00 put Mackenzie to bed. 6:30 is dinner time, 6:45 is a roll in the hay with DH, and 7:00 is bed time! Pretty sad. And the worst part is, I'm not even looking forward to the roll in the hay. My sex drive has been null-en-void since becoming pregnant...the 1st time!!!! So when he begs for it I either (1) complain or (2) flop on the bed like a dead fish and proclaim "hurry up!". Horrible I know.

On the scrap scene I have been slowly getting my luster back and some good things have been produced. I'm excited about the up and coming dessert swap at MLPA, as dessert is my favorite meal of the day...and I do mean "meal" of the day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've been...I dunno! I haven't been on here in a long time! Currently I am 5 months pregnant with baby #2 and it's another GIRL!!! I'm super excited, but Wes is less than thrilled. He wanted his little boy! He said "I guess we'll have to keep trying"...I hope that was a joke! We haven't come up with a name yet though. So far we like Arianna, Sierra, Ryleigh, and Brianna. I also like Evelyn and Sophie. But that's all up in the air for now.

Things between Wes and I have been great for the past month. No big arguments or fights. For 6 years Wes worked the night shift on the police department...but on Jan 17th he finally got a transfer off of night shift and now works days and middles. This has done wonders for our relationship. He has more energy, is happier, and shows more interest in spending time with Mackenzie! Speaking of the devil...she's already 10 months old. I can't believe that in 2 short months she'll be a year old already! Where has time gone??? She's soo active. She walks a lot and talks non-stop. She can walk by herself for a pretty good distance before she falls over. She's starting to eat people food most of the time, and has got an attitude just like her momma!!! She'll give you a dirty look if you tell her not to do something she wants to do, and objects to following orders sometimes. But I suppose that's a kid for ya!

I kinda have been like blah on the scrap scene. Nothing much is being produced in my woman-cave! I just feel like everytime I sit down to create a layout I get one massive brain fart the size of Iroshima! But I have been working on a 9x9 album that I will be giving to one of my friends. I'm also going to be starting another 9x9 album for my sister-in-law who is pregnant with a baby boy...her third child and first son. She's due just 2 weeks before me. So I want to make her something special!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well, it's been almost a month since I've blogged. Lots has been going on. Mackenzie cut her third tooth, this time on the top. She's being a good sport about it and not fussing too much. Thanksgiving was a couple days ago. It was okay I guess, not spectacular. We had my MIL over and my BIL, SIL, and their two daughters. Dinner was good. Wesley wanted to make it this way he had control over everything! But I was happy that he did that, this way if the food sucked, I couldn't be blamed for it! Tomorrow Mackenzie, Wes, and I are leaving for my Grandmothers cabin in Tioga county. Wes wants to go hunting, so we are going along to spend time with GiGi. We are coming back sometime next week, but we are unsure of exactly when. It all depends on how quickly Wes gets a deer!

On november 24th we had our first doctor appt for baby #2. They estimated the due date of June 28th, but that's subject to change with the first ultrasound. They are more accurate, as we have no idea on what day we could have gotten pregnant! So c'mon December 9th! Other than that, nothing else to report!