Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today I'm at 30 weeks pregnant...only 10 more weeks to go if I last that long! Boy has time gone by fast. Pretty soon I'm gonna have another newborn on my hands, and more sleepless nights. Mackenzie still wakes up once a night to eat. But whatever! It's not so bad...15 minutes and she's back to bed. We just got back last night from upstate NY. Wes and I own property in St. Lawrence's like 35 miles from Canada. We had a really good time, minus some bickering as always. The weather was gorgeous up there, sunny and in the 60s. We met some guy up there that's going to be clearning a lot on our property so that we can get our cabin built. We currently own 16 acres up there, and are building a cabin to stay in. Nothing fancy...just your basic place to stay for a little. My parents also own property up there, 20 acres, which is how we found out about the place. It's settled on Owl Pond...a 20 acre pond with huge bass and a variety of other fish. You'd be shocked if you pulled out any fish less than 12 inches from the pond. But we always throw them back so we can catch them later. It's just all around lots of fun. Wes is going up there in like 3 weeks to hunt turkey for a couple days. I want to go, but couldn't handle Mackenzie up there for that long!!! Rats! Ohh well, some much needed scrap time I suppose while he's away

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mackenzie's first birthday has come and gone! One whole year flew by so quickly! Her birthday was on April 3rd and her party was on the 4th. The morning got off to a rough start as the hubby and I were arguing a lot! But luckily we pulled together and with the help of my mom and sister we got everything ready on time, and early! My sister watched Mackenzie and her son while my mom helped organize! DH did all the cooking and I did the cleaning and ran out to get last minute stuff. We celebrated our sweethearts birthday with 40 family members. We didn't invite any friends, as it would have been way over-crowded with people in our house. It was crowded, but we made due. Mackenzie had a great time despite being tired. She only took a 45 minute nap in the morning and a 30 minute nap in the afternoon before presents. She usually takes at least an hour to 1 1/2 hour nap twice a day. But she was a good sport about it...didn't cry at all. She got lots of clothes, and not so many toys (which is what I wanted because she has SOOO many toys)! She loves stuffed animals and got a couple of those. She walked around with them patting and kissing them.

On another subject kinda.....We now have a middle name for our second bean sprout. Her name is going to be Ryleigh Johanna Wilcox. Her middle name is in honor of her Daddy. Wes picked it out (his real name is Johann but since birth he's gone by Wes...don't ask me, I didn't name him I just married him!!!)